1734 POINT I/O Modbus solutions

  • June 02, 2014
  • ProSoft Technology, Inc.
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1734 POINT I/O Modbus solutions
1734 POINT I/O Modbus solutions

Didn’t think you could have Modbus® Serial communications in a CompactLogix™ L1x or 1734 Point I/O adapter? Think again. 

ProSoft Technology's ILX34-MBS in-chassis modules are the answer. Applications that use CompactLogix™ L1x processors or Distributed 1734 POINT I/O™ adapters often need to interface with Modbus® Serial devices such as field devices and SCADA systems. ProSoft Technology’s RS-232 or RS-485 Point I/O modules can be configured as a master or slave. Each module comes with three separate Add-On Instructions, allowing you to configure the module to suit your application’s specific needs, simplifying your integration effort.


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