AMCI announces ANA2 Resolver Interface for Networked PLCs

  • May 08, 2014
  • Advanced Micro Controls Inc.
AMCI announces  ANA2 Resolver Interface for Networked PLCs
AMCI announces ANA2 Resolver Interface for Networked PLCs

May 8, 2014 - Advanced Micro Controls announces ANA2 Resolver Interface Module, which integrates a network connection and expansion capabilities to provide a modern, versatile resolver feedback solution for any PLC-based system. The ANA2 expands up to six 2-channel modules, allowing users to interface up to 12 resolver sensors using a single network connection. The interface programs through the host controller’s (PLC) software, and is compatible with most resolver transducers on the market. Features:

  • Direct interface to most resolver transducers
  • Built-in network interface
  • Fully programmable Reference Voltage, Frequency, & Transformation ratio
  • 16-bit resolution (up to 65,536 counts)
  • Supports up to 12 resolver sensors on a single network connection
  • Each ANA2 unit can connect to two single resolver transducers or to one dual resolver transducer
  • Provides absolute position and velocity data for resolvers
  • Position scaling that simplifies sensor data
  • Easy programming without additional software
  • DIN rail mounting

The AnyNET I/O ANA2 is a full featured 2-channel Resolver interface that communicates with the host controller (PLC or PAC) over the network. The interface satisfies a wide range of applications because of its flexible design. It easily mounts on a standard DIN rail, simplifying installation and lowering costs. The ANA2 is compatible with any PLC that supports the product's available networks since it’s programmed using the input/output registers within the host controller. No additional software is required to use the Resolver interface with the PLC/PAC. Users have the option of configuring & testing the ANA2 using AMCI's convenient PC-based Net Configurator software (downloaded at no charge). AnyNET I/O easily expands from 1 to 6 I/O modules by stacking additional units onto the “gateway,” and only requires a single network connection for all communication. This solution enables the support of up to 12 resolver sensors over a single network connection, which reduces physical wiring and streamlines data traffic over the network.  

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