Cermate's PX-Series High End Operator Panels

  • May 28, 2014
Cermate's PX-Series High End Operator Panels
Cermate's PX-Series High End Operator Panels

Cermate is a professional hardware manufacturer specializing in the production of HMI hardware. Cermate Technologies Inc. produces HMI, WinCE System Touch Panel (WinCE Panel PC), touch monitors and USB adapters. Cermate currently supplies to successful businesses worldwide, over 200,000 units of our easy-to-use high-quality hardware.

Cermate PanelMaster Operator Panel offers rugged interface solutions in various sizes, modules, memory options, communication port options and 400 drivers ready to use. The robust hardware is CE approved and UL508 certified, the functions win customer’s satisfaction, so it’s already adopted by more than 100 well known OEM/ODM customers all over the world.

The PX series is a high end operator panel equipped with RISC 32 bits 800 MHz CPU. With a full color screen, the operator panel displays high resolution pictures, 3D photos to enrich the content of all applications. Various communication ports such as RS232, 422, 485, Ethernet are used for controllers, devices, sensors, motors or cameras also USB ports will connect to a bar code reader, printer or other USB equipped devices. These operator panels also offer the open platform flexibility GX6 series of the WinCE R6 OS systems which works great with 3rd party software engines. These panels are 7”~15” in screen sizes with aluminum front frame which are great look and strong architecturally for most applications.

Features of the free software tools PM Designer V2.0: 10 sets of text to support multi-language, 4 communication links with theoptions of more RS-485 and TCP/IP sub-links, 7999 screens, Marco,16 discrete alarm blocks and 16 analog alarm blocks, 16 recipe blocks, 16 data logger, 1 operation logger. Automatic size adjustment of characters and pictures according to the object size is supported. Group a number of objects to move, resize, and modify the common attributes of them. Rotate a picture or change its tone. Screen management tool.

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