Cubatic Technology releases Automated Volumetric Dispensers

  • June 09, 2014

June 9, 2014 – Cubatic Technology, announced Automated Volumetric Dispensers for SMD and LED applications. The Automated Volumetric Dispensers can precisely control up to 5000 CPS viscosity with high speed using the advanced GREY Image Recognition System that ensures precise positioning and dispensing.  The dispensers are designed to work with materials such as epoxy resin, silica gel, and silicone glue, with patented dispensing chambers with multilevel air channel design ensures steady pressure and dispensing quality. The systems have integrated shock absorbing dampeners - stability is increased during operation and noise is reduced. The custom made grippers come in sets for auto cycling operations and eliminate wait time during loading and unloading. The equipment is easily integrated into a fully automated production line. The user friendly interface is equipped with a 15” LCD CRT monitor with an easy operation menu and a ball controller. Family of Fully Automated Volumetric Dispensers Single Track Silicon Volumetric Dispenser: LPD908DP Dual Track Silicon Volumetric Dispenser: LPD908DP/T Silicon Phosphor Spraying and Dispensing System: LPD718LS Feeding and Volumetric Measuring Dispenser: LPD981ODIN  

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