DI Switch to RS485 remote data acquisition module

  • June 11, 2014
  • Shenzhen WAYJUN Industrial Automation
DI Switch to RS485 remote data acquisition module
DI Switch to RS485 remote data acquisition module



>> Eight channels switch signal acquisition,isolated RS-485/232 output

>> Each input channel adopts optical isolation

>> Can read level status of each channel via the RS-485/232 interface

>> 3000VDC isolation between input and output

>> Wide power supply range: 8 ~ 32VDC

>> High reliability, easy programming, easy application

>> DIN35 Rail-mounted

>> Can programme setting module address,baud rate

>> Support Modbus RTU communication protocol

>> Dimensions: 120 mm x 70 mm x 43mm


>> level signal measurement, monitoring and control

>> RS-485 remote I / O, data acquisition

>> Intelligent building control, security engineering applications

>> RS-232/485 bus in industrial automation control system

>> Industrial signal isolation and long-term transmission                     

>> Equipment operation monitoring

>> Sensor signal measurement

>> Industrial data acquisition and recording

>> Medical, industrial product development

>> Switching signal acquisition

Product Overview:

  WAYJUN WJ62 series products realize the signal acquisition between sensor and host, to measure the switching signal. WJ62 series can be used in RS-232/485 bus industrial automation control system,switching signal measurement, monitoring and control, high and low leveal signal measurement,industrial field signal isolation and long-term industrial transmission and so on.

Products include power supply isolation, signal isolation, linearization, A/D conversion and RS-485 serial

communication. Each serial interface can connect up to 255 pieces WJ62 Series modules, communication using ASCII

code or MODBUS RTU communication protocol, and its instruction set compatible with the ADAM modules, baud rate

can been set by the code, with other manufacturers control module hang in the same RS-485 bus for easy programming.

WJ62 series products are based on SCM's intelligent monitoring and control system, users set the calibration value,

address, baud rate, data format, checksum status, and configuration information are all stored in nonvolatile memory


WJ62 products are according to industry standard design, isolation between signal input / output, can withstand

voltage 3000VDC, high anti-interference ability and reliability. Operating temperature range is - 45 ~ +85 °C.

Function Description:

WJ62 Switching signal isolation acquisition module can be used to measure eight channels switching signal.

1. Switching signal input

eight channels switching signal.Not only each channel isolation,but also input/output isolation.

2. Communication protocol

Communication Interface: one channel standard RS-485 communication interface, or one standard RS-232

communication interface, specify when ordering.

Communication Protocols: supports two protocols, characters protocol of the command set defined and MODBUS

RTU communication protocol. Can be programmed using the kind of communication protocol, can be achieved with

PLC, RTU of many Brands or computer monitoring system for network communication.

Data Format: 10 Bits. 1 start bit,8 data bits,1 stop bit.

Address: (0 to 255) and baud rate (1200,2400,4800,9600,19200,38400 bps) can be set, the most long-distance

about communication networks is up to 1200 meters, through the twisted-pair shielded cable.

Communication interface of high anti-jamming design, ± 15KV ESD protection, communication response time is less

than 100mS.

3. Anti-jamming

According to need to set the checksum. Module internal has transient suppression diodes, can inhibit a variety of surge

pulse, protection module, and internal digital filter can also be well suppressed from the grid frequency interference.

Product Selection:

WJ62 ‚ñ°

     Communication Interface

                 485Ôºöoutput is RS-485 interface  

                                     232Ôºöoutput is RS-232 interface

Sample 1:  part No.:WJ62-232  means output is RS-232 interface

Sample 2:  part No.: WJ62-485  means output is RS-485 interface


WJ62 General parameters:

 (typical @ +25 ‚ÑÉ, Vs to 24VDC)

Input type:switching input

         Low level: input<1V

         High level: input  4-30V

Input Resistance:3KΩ

Communication: RS-485 protocol or RS-232 standard characters protocols and MODBUS RTU communication protocol

              Baud Rate (2400,4800,9600,19200,38400 bps) can be selected via software

Address (0 to 255) can be selected via software

Communication Response Time: 100 ms maximum

Power Supply: +8 ~ 32VDC wide range power supply, internal anti-reverse and over-voltage protection circuit

Power Loss: less than 0.5W

Operating Temperature: - 45 ~ +80 ‚ÑÉ

Humidity: 10 ~ 90% (no condensation)

Storage Temperature: - 45 ~ +80 ‚ÑÉ

Storage Humidity: 10 ~ 95% (no condensation)

Isolation Voltage: input / output: 3KVDC, 1 minute, leak current:1mA

              Which output signal and power supply are common ground.

Shock Voltage: 3KVAC, 1.2/50us (peak)

Dimensions: 120 mm x 70 mm x 43mm


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