Enhance PLCs with OPC UA

  • June 30, 2014
  • Softing North America, Inc.
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Enhance PLCs with OPC UA
Enhance PLCs with OPC UA

Integration of Existing Systems Echocollect UA is designed as a versatile gateway with an OPC UA interface. It independently collects data from programmable controller systems (PLCs) and delivers the data to a higher-level management system (e.g. ERP or MES) directly via the integrated embedded OPC UA server. While today's customary PC-based solutions require a regular update of the operating system, echocollect UA will work for years untouched and with no maintenance effort. The OPC UA protocol allows simple local and global networking without OPC tunneling and without complicated DCOM configuration, even across firewalls and the Internet.

Excellent Data Security In case of interruptions during data processing (e.g. loss of communication to a database) echocollect UA offers the option to store the collected data on a memory card to prevent its loss. The collected data can be stored internally as a process image (optionally in the Microsoft Excel format) or logged into a database for further processing. The two separate Ethernet ports permit network separation between the production systems and the commercial IT network.

Easy Live Data Visualization The echocollect UA device is designed to optionally provide a simple, easy-to-configure HMI interface to visualize process data. The HMI engine is based on web technology that supports any standard web browser without the need for additional plug-ins. All graphics are resolution-independent and consistently scale to web-enabled devices like traditional computers and control panels, smart phones, or tablets.


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