HIQuad safety system

  • May 07, 2014
  • HIMA Paul Hildebrandt GmbH
HIQuad safety system
HIQuad safety system

Absolute reliability

HIQuad solutions are proven over decades of use in hundreds of process industry facilities. They are the industry standard for reliable and cost-effective solutions.

Scalable availability

HIQuad solutions are available with different combinations of scalable availability at the I/O and CPU level, allowing a precise match for your budget and technical needs while providing maximum safety. Even in a non-redundant, single-channel configuration, HIQuad can be used up to SIL 3 without any limits.


H41q/H51q systems are extremely fl exible and can be easily adapted to your application requirements.

  • For small and mid-size number of I/Os: Compact H41q systems for up to 208 I/Os, modular H51q systems for as many as several thousand I/Os
  • For any type of I/O: Wide range of I/O cards, analog/digital I/O cards, relay cards, counter and thermo-element cards, cards with integrated Ex-separation
  • For every availability requirement: Thanks to scalable redundancy, you invest only in what you need. All of the components can be employed singly, redundant or mixed — always SIL 3
  • For centralised and distributed applications: Stand-alone or safe networking via safeethernet
  • For any DCS integration: Integrated solutions for all leading control systems
  • Maximum reliability
  • SIL 3, even in single-channel configuration
  • Flexible redundancy management
  • Hot-swapping of modules
  • Online program changes
  • Comprehensive, tried-and-tested range of I/Os
  • Easy to integrate into all DCSs
  • Safety-related networking via safeethernet
  • Proven 19-inch technology
  • For use in Ex-zone 2

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