Identify and Fix PROFIBUS Problems

  • February 28, 2014
  • Softing Inc.
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Identify and Fix PROFIBUS Problems
Identify and Fix PROFIBUS Problems

The PROFIBUS Tester combines a signal tester, a storage oscilloscope, a protocol analyzer, and a master simulator into a single tool. This tool is designed for use in a wide range of applications – from setup and commissioning, documentation, acceptance testing, and optimization to preventive maintenance, troubleshooting, and laboratory tests. In addition, the PROFIBUS Tester can be used without a notebook and is able to run comprehensive network tests in stand-alone mode.

With a single mouse click (PC mode) or a single push of a button (stand-alone mode) a user is able to initiate a full network test of a PROFIBUS network including automatic signal and protocol analysis. A summary of all results is displayed to the user in a very intuitive manner. In PC mode, the software package has been design to emphasize the all-important ease-of-use aspect while at the same time preserve the more in-depth diagnostic features required by networking experts. This makes the tool ideal for both less experienced users and fieldbus specialists.

The PROFIBUS Tester 4 automatically detects the baud rate or open circuit voltage immediately after connection to the PROFIBUS. In stand-alone mode, the bus can be tested using the Live Status functionality. Up to ten quick tests and a trend recorded over maximum 41 days can be saved in the test tool and imported into the PC later. The PC software provides many additional features for executing, analyzing, and managing bus tests. The Topology Scan feature determines the overall cable length and the cable length between slaves. The test results can be documented in a detailed test report.

In the Oscilloscope and Frame Analyzer views, experts can perform in-depth, detailed analysis. For bus and device tests with the integrated master simulator, only the baud rate needs to be specified – no configuration or parameterization is required.

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