INSYS updates routers to avoid Heartbleed

  • April 22, 2014
  • INSYS Automation

April 22, 2014 - INSYS icom introduces the 2.12 firmware update for its fault monitors and routers which increases security and ease of use while closing the so-called “heartbleed” security gap.

One of the update’s major new functions is the option of complete device configuration via command line. This direct access considerably accelerates automated configuration processes: parameterising several devices at once is much faster and easier using the command line interface (CLI) than via web configuration. In case of increased IT security requirements, CLI also enables automated periodic checks for any changes to the configuration or manipulations.

Supporting the RADIUS authentication service, the de facto standard for central authentication and access rights management, the current firmware offers another security-related feature. For sending emails, it now provides an encrypted connection to the email provider (SSL/TLS authentication). Four days after it became known, INSYS had already fixed the “heartbleed” security risk in OpenSSL for its devices with the patch 2.12.1. The update additionally includes some extensions for IPsec and optimised redundancy switching which ensures that in case of transmission interruptions, INSYS devices establish a new connection via another service even more quickly.  

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