• May 09, 2014
  • LeddarTech

A unique detection solution When compared to competing detection technologies such as laser scanners, radar, video, thermal imaging, ultrasonic and passive infrared, Leddar™ excels on the widest range of performance criteria. Ahead of its time, it holds the best cost/performance ratio, serves multiple markets and segments and is especially suited for detection and ranging from 0 to 50 meters. Leddar™ differs from the other technologies thanks to its: - 16 independant segments with simultaneous acquisition capabilities - Robust detection - Rugged technology - Rapid data acquisition Available in different forms Leddar™ technology is available as a reference design, assembled components, OEM modules or finished sensor products. As an opto-electronic technology, it can easily be customized for final applications. Easy integration in various applications Leddar™ technology is designed to be easily and rapidly integrated in various applications by developers and integrators. Leddar™ technology is making countless applications a reality Main features - Detection and ranging from 0 to 50 meters - Multiple independant segments - Rapid acquisition rate - Large illumination area - No moving parts - Short, diffused LED pulses - Uses visible or infrared light Benefits for developers and integrators - Best cost/performance ratio - Multiple object detection per segment - Long detection range with low power LEDs - Lateral discrimination - Real-time object tracking capabilities - Detection in adverse weather conditions - Reliability - Ocular safety EXPERIENCE THE DIFFERENCE LEDDARTM TECHNOLOGY MAKES

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