LinkManager software

  • April 25, 2014
  • Secomea A/S - North America

The LinkManager™is a standard software component of the remote device management solutions of Secomea. It is designed for remote programming and servicing of industrial equipment. Apart from approving access similar to VPN, the LinkManager™also simulates a virtual phonebook due to the concept of "device agents". The LinkManager™displays a view of all your sites and SiteManagers and each device will be shown with the name given when initially configured, its type and whether it is online or not. Just locate the device you want to connect to, click it, and you are online with it.

The LinkManager™installs a virtual adapter and thus requires running on Windows. But it works fine alongside VPN clients and is designed for both 32 and 64 bit windows, and even runs inside a virtual machine such as VMWare, ESXi or HyperV.

Unique about the LinkManager™is its ability to not only connect to UDP and TCP based equipment. The LinkManager™includes a virtual COM port driver that makes it capable of connection to Serial equipment that is connected to the SiteManager™at the factory. Furthermore, the LinkManager™will make a USB redirect if connecting to an agent that represents a USB device connected to a SiteManager™at a factory.

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