Maple Systems Graphic HMI Family

  • January 27, 2014
  • Maple Systems, Incorporated
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Maple Systems Graphic HMI Family
Maple Systems Graphic HMI Family

The Maple Systems Graphic HMI is a next-generation operator interface available in 4'3" to 15" displays sizes, and designed to meet your most demanding automation needs. Rugged components, speedy processors, ample memory, and industrial-grade construction ensure optimal performance in the most rigorous automation environments.Maple Systems' Graphic HMI Models are UL, RoHS, and CE certified, and backed by our comprehensive two year warranty.

Equipped with high-speed Serial and Ethernet connections, the Graphic HMI Series interfaces with over 100 popular PLCs, motion sensors, temperature controllers, and virtually anything in your control system. The Graphic HMI's data logger allows you to record process values and historical data to CompactFlash for later access in CSV format, making it easy to access critical data.

Programming the Graphic HMI is a breeze! EZware is powerful, easy-to-use HMI configuration software that allows you to quickly create functional touch screen applications for industrial processes such as automation, process control, and OEM applications. Design attractive, easy-to-read interfaces using features such as animated screens, alarms, trends, scripting, recipes and reports, schedule tasks, and even video. Programs can either be loaded through Ethernet or through USB.  Simply put, EZware makes configuring your interface easy!

Powerful architecture, rugged design, and  ease of setup make the Maple Systems Graphic HMI the smart solution for any industrial control solution. For more information on the Graphic HMI Family of operator interfaces, please call Maple Systems today at 425.745.3229 or E-Mail us at

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