Metso adds MPC to ExperTune PlantTriage software

  • June 04, 2014
  • Metso Automation

June 4, 2014 - Metso adds MPC to ExperTune PlantTriage software.  The software performs continuous assessments of the performance of Model Predictive Controls (MPC). These assessments are used to diagnose issues with Disturbance Variables (DVs), Controlled Variables (CVs), Manipulated Variables (MVs), and the MPC Controller itself. There are over 100 assessments of performance, which allows a high degree of specificity in the recommended corrective actions. Some of the new metrics include: Effective Controller On-time, Controller Health, Time at Constraints, Model Prediction Error, and Oscillation Detection. In addition to a detailed assessment of MPC performance, Version 12 now presents the results in a new, more user-friendly browser interface. In response to client requests, the new interface is completely integrated with Metso ExperTune PlantTriage’s traditional monitoring of underlying regulatory control loops, allowing users to drill down directly from MPC monitoring to find root causes that may lie outside the MPC structure itself. About Metso ExperTune PlantTriage Metso ExperTune PlantTriage software is the foundation for Metso's Control Performance Business Solution. This customized service program pairs award-winning PlantTriage software with experienced control performance specialists, who collect and analyze real-time performance data, identify the root cause of underperforming loops, make and prioritize corrective action recommendations and report progress. These specialists are trained to recognize the economic value of control improvement so they can focus on the most important issues and report on their impact in business terms.  

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