New Anybus X-gateway Design

  • April 28, 2014
  • HMS Industrial Networks Inc
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New Anybus X-gateway Design
New Anybus X-gateway Design

Anybus X-gateways work as "translators" between two industrial networks and are used on thousands of factory floors all over the world. HMS Industrial Networks now introduces a new version of the Anybus X-gateway, designed to meet the complex needs of today's global industrial automation industry.

USB interface and new configuration software The new version of the Anybus X-gateway comes with a USB interface, enabling the users to easily connect the gateway to a PC and configure the network communication via a Windows-based configuration tool  called "Anybus Configuration Manager." No programming is necessary.

New design for easier installation The new housing with upright design requires less rack space and enables easier installation in the switching cabinet. The flexible design also allows mounting on the side (flat) similar to the previous version of the X-gateway.

Other new features include connectivity to CC-Link IE Field, lower power consumption, and dual-port Ethernet switches for several industrial Ethernet versions, removing the need for external switches.


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