New OmniServer Enhancements!

  • March 27, 2014
  • Software Toolbox Inc.
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New OmniServer Enhancements!
New OmniServer Enhancements!

Attempting to integrate and manage sources of data with no standard communications driver available is an undertaking that is many times filled with frustration.  Finding easy-to-use solutions that don’t require expensive and complex custom development can be a challenge. And when such solutions must be trusted with important tasks in an operation that can mean the difference between rising profitability and rising production losses, the stakes are even higher.

OmniServer is a user-configurable, scalable solution for connecting, monitoring, controlling, and managing diverse automation devices without an existing standard driver solution. Communications consist of a robust software platform that interprets the data coming in from a device using a user-configured set of instructions and delivers the data to any client program supporting one of an array of software interfaces including OPC DA, OPC UA, DDE and Wonderware® SuiteLink. OmniServer enables integration of data sources that might not otherwise be accessible, such as barcode scanners, scales, intercoms, RFID readers, meters and much more.

End-users, system integrators, and machinery OEMs around the world have utilized OmniServer combined with Software Toolbox’s technical support and solution-oriented software offerings for HMI/SCADA integration, data integration & management, and Visual Studio.NET client application development to alleviate the stressful situations commonly associated with integrating non-standard devices.

Software Toolbox offers complimentary protocol evaluations using your available device documentation to help you get started, ensuring your OmniServer evaluation is a valuable experience resulting in a clear forward plan for integrating your devices.  So, tell Software Toolbox your device connectivity challenges - we’ll help you solve them.


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