New TOP Server Enhancements!

  • February 27, 2014
  • Software Toolbox Inc.
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New TOP Server Enhancements!
New TOP Server Enhancements!

Attempting to integrate and manage diverse sources of data across an enterprise can be an undertaking filled with pitfalls and stressful moments.  Finding robust, reliable solutions that can be trusted with the most important of tasks in an operation can mean the difference between rising profitability and rising production losses when a system goes down for even short periods of time.

TOP Server is an interoperable, scalable solution for connecting, monitoring, controlling, and managing diverse automation devices and software applications across multiple telemetry options, including all radio and modem types, Ethernet TCP/IP, serial Multi–Drop, and satellite. Communications are managed through a robust software platform that supports an array of interfaces including OPC, Electronic Flow Measurement (EFM), propriety communication protocols, and API’s. TOP Server enables improved operations and decision making by providing real-time data to SCADA systems as well as EFM output to validation and accounting systems.

End-users, systems integrators, and machinery OEMs around the world trust the unique combination of TOP Server and Software Toolbox’s technical support and solution-oriented software offerings for HMI/SCADA integration, data integration & management, and Visual Studio.NET client application development to alleviate the stressful situations commonly associated with integrating disparate systems.

TOP Server can be used with any OPC DA or UA Client application and even supports other interfaces such as OPC AE, Wonderware SuiteLink, DDE, and is even capable of interfacing with other OPC DA Servers, OPC UA Servers and OPC XML-DA Servers.

Through regular release cycles each year, TOP Server stays current ensuring your investment in the latest hardware and operating system technologies is sound.  TOP Server is progressively updated to be compatible with the latest standards and technologies being used across all of the diverse industries utilizing automation for operations.

So, tell Software Toolbox your challenges - we’ll help you solve them.

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