RMI5001 - Remote Data Display

  • May 29, 2014
  • Maple Systems, Incorporated
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RMI5001 - Remote Data Display
RMI5001 - Remote Data Display

The Maple Systems RMI5001 is a remote HMI that converts a large-screen TV or monitor into a fully functional display interface. It supports 1280 x 720 pixel resolution and is used for applications requiring a larger format, such as monitors & flat-panel televisions. Critical processes, alert messages, and key productivity indicators can be monitored by plant personnel using an overhead display, easily visible from any location.

The RMI5001 is light, compact, and can be mounted onto a DIN rail, allowing it to share space with your PLC and power supply. Ethernet connectivity and three serial ports support compatibility with a wide variety of PLCs.

The RMI5001 sports a high-speed 600Mhz RISC CPU and 256MB of storage to run resource intensive projects.

Programming with Maple Systems EZwarePlus configuration software makes setup quick and easy. Combined with EZwarePlus, the RMI5001 has a robust set of features including alarm management, batch recipes, data logging, enhanced security and much more — giving you the flexibility to make your display interface a more integral part of your automation control system.


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