SiteManager Embedded for Windows

  • April 24, 2014
  • Secomea A/S - North America
SiteManager Embedded for Windows
SiteManager Embedded for Windows

The SiteManager Embedded software for Windows is a device monitoring front-end for multiple industrial devices on a location. Working with GateManager™ and LinkManager™, the SiteManager™ ensures you an uninterrupted and secure access to remote devices over the Internet or private WAN. Secure for both you and your customers.

All SiteManager™ models include pre-defined device agents for many brands of PLCs, Panels and other industrial devices connected via Ethernet, and additionally Serial and USB on the hardware versions.

Product specs:

  • Support for Windows XP, 7, 8
  • Support for both Windows Server, Standard- and Embedded (XPE)
  • Ideal for installing on Windows based HMI panels and IPCs
  • Installs as Windows Service and runs in background
  • Requires only 10 Mbyte RAM and 5 Mbyte HDD
  • License controlled from the GateManager (requires GateManager v5.4)
  • Allows configuration and GateManager connect without a license
  • Support for Static Relay data logging connections
  • Prepared for customization for Linux and Windows Embedded Compact (CE)
  • BASIC License: 2 x device agents, Full access to the Windows machine 
  • EXTENDED license: 5 x device agents, Full access to the local network

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