SweetWilliam updates HMI-Pad for mobile devices

  • June 25, 2014
  • SweetWilliam, S.L.
SweetWilliam updates HMI-Pad for mobile devices
SweetWilliam updates HMI-Pad for mobile devices

June 25, 2014 - SweetWilliam released version 2.2 of its HMI-Pad system for iOS devices. The HMI Pad system provides a flexible, powerful way to create, deploy and display Human Machine Interfaces for control and monitoring of PLC based systems and equipment, which will run Natively on any iOS device. Automation Engineers can turn an off-the-shelf iOS device such as an iPad into a full featured, powerful Mobile HMI. The system already supports all PLC brands of the box, so there is no need to install additional software modules or plug-ins. Since the app establishes direct PLC to iOS communications, no intermediate PC boxes or servers or anything beyond an iOS device is required. HMIs are developed using a conceptually familiar spreadsheet like approach, where all object properties are linked together through powerful expressions to create highly dynamic interfaces, with no scripting or other programming skills required. The HMI-Pad platform replaces or complements existing HMI screens with the added benefit of full mobility, convenience, top performance and modern design, at a extremely competitive price. HMI projects can be transferred online to end user's devices and run locally on iOS devices with no internet connection required. Version 2.2 represents a major step forward for the platform bringing interesting new features based on user feedback and suggestions. The most important additions are:

  • Project based Users with configurable user access levels in addition to integrator service based users.
  • Historical data logger with the ability to export historical data files in SQLite format.
  • Historical alarms with export option to SQLite files.
  • Recipe sheet object with csv file import capability.
  • Bar code scanner supporting all major 1D and 2D bar codes.
  • Fully animated Chart object to represent dynamically moving values.
  • Trend object with Pinch and Pan gestures allowing quick zoom and panning through historical data values
  • Engineers can make PLC IP and Port dynamically selectable by end users

Other Enhancements:

  • Animated sequencing of images, gif support
  • New functions for the array type.
  • Many new prebuilt examples.
  • Support for iPhone and iPod touch using their native screen sizes, including full editing of projects on iPhones for any screen size.
  • Separate selection of the allowed orientations for the iPad and iPhone interface idioms.
  • Encrypt/Decrypt functions
  • Enhanced time functions
  • Set allowed device orientation (portrait, landscape, or both) on a project  basis.
  • Select items in a group (for configuration or resizing purposes) by double tapping on grouped items without having to ungroup them first.
  • Additional properties on buttons, array pickers, and segmented controls make programmatic page change much easier and intuitive.


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