Synchrono releases SyncView Factory Information System

  • March 12, 2014

March 12, 2014 – Synchrono releases SyncView Factory Information System software.  SyncView is a real-time visual factory information system that provides everyone – from operations to the extended supply chain and from the shop floor to the top floor – with a dynamic view of what is happening at every stage of the manufacturing process. SyncView software offers complete transparency, ensuring that everyone is working from the same data and with a clear view of the state of operations and the extended supply chain. Presenting activity from a variety of systems, SyncView automatically signals alerts and generates escalation and action plans to help every layer of the manufacturing team proactively address any quality or value-stream flow issues in real-time. The software is highly interactive with user-directed views that enable users to quickly tap into greater detail to manage variability and constraints while monitoring machines and work cells. Employing SyncView, manufacturers can:

  • Provide organization-wide visibility for faster problem solving and operational effectiveness
  • Generate real-time alerts with escalation and action plans
  • Easily configure for enterprise, plant, role-, work cell- and machine-based views
  • Make better decisions—faster—at the operational and strategic levels

SyncView presents machine-level data as well as information from disparate enterprise systems that is aggregated through SyncOperations software from Synchrono and powered by Savigent. Planning, scheduling and execution data is synchronized through SyncManufacturing software and inventory replenishment information is provided from SyncKanban software, both Synchrono systems.  

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