Video Systems for Factory Automation from IVC

  • May 21, 2014
  • Industrial Video & Control
Video Systems for Factory Automation from IVC
Video Systems for Factory Automation from IVC

IVC's Longwatch Video Historian is software for your computer that provides a visual context to your recorded system data. Video can show multiple variables; speed, distance, rate of change, limits, sequences all simultaneously and unambiguously. Video Historian is a state-of-the-art tool which supplements control system data with quickly accessed, intuitive video.

Without the Longwatch Video Historian, in plant recordings and data collection remain separate. Any correlation between data and video can be lengthy to recover as it must be manually synced between the two.

The Longwatch Video Historian records automatically integrates video with various manufacturing databases, thus providing managers and operators with a wealth of timely, additional information for making better decisions that save time, money and effort.

When used with IVC's industrial cameras, this video system has the following capabilities:

  • Automatically associate stored video with automation system events and data. Retrieve video based on:
    • SCADA/HMI system alarm time
    • Batch ID
    • Operator ID
    • Type of activity
    • Type of alarm  
  • Simultaneous viewing of video and data trend graphs, synchronized by time  
  • Integrated with ActiveFactory trend chart and Tag Picker  
  • Drag the time cursor in the trend chart and the video moves with it  
  • Built-in mapping of video to alarm messages, showing vide before, during and after an alarm occurred  
  • Pre-tagging of video clips with SQL data. Associate video with operational information (e.g. batch ID, operator name, line ID etc.)  
  • Post-view tagging of video clips:
    • Operator defined tags to organize collections of videos
    • Operator-entered comments  
  • Easily integrated with other database applications
    • SQL Stored Procedures Library
    • OPC Interface
    • FTP File Transfer  
  • Integrated easily with popular HMI and Process Historian software

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