ACS Motion Control introduces UDIhp drive interface

  • June 19, 2013
  • ACS Motion Control

June 19, 2013 - ACS Motion Control introduces UDIhp,  a compact universal drive interface module for traditional ±10V command servo drives.  The UDIhp Series (Universal Drive Interface high power) provides precise position and velocity control as part of a cost-effective, flexible & scalable EtherCAT network, replacing traditional ±10V traditional motion controllers.   The UDIhp Series meets the requirements of demanding, motion centric applications, such as high-precision positioning stages used in flat panel and wafer inspection.  At the size of 121 x 100 x 48 mm³ (4.8 x 3.9 x 1.9 in³), the UDIhp Series is an ultra compact EtherCAT module that controls up to four motor drives with ±10V analog interface. It supports both torque commands with a single ±10V differential signal per axis, and sinusoidal commutation current commands with two ±10V differential signals per axis.   The UDIhp Series includes four incremental encoder and two absolute encoder interfaces, safety limit inputs for each axis, four MARK high-speed encoder registration inputs, four 24Vdc/0.2A brake control outputs and one PEG (position event generator) high-speed position trigger output. The UDIhp Series utilizes a 16-bit DAC to generate the ±10V commands, and supports fast analog SIN-COS encoders with raw signal frequencies up to 5MHz. This enables running stages using high-resolution laser encoders with sub-nanometer resolution at more than one meter per second.   The UDIhp can be used with any of the ACS SPiiPlus EtherCAT controllers, and is fully supported by the SPiiPlusNT Suite application development studio for drive configuration, axis tuning, and multi-axis application programming. The SPiiPlusNT Suite also includes a full PC-based controller simulator that greatly reduces the cost of ownership and time-to-market for OEMs, system integrators and end users. About ACS Motion Control   An international manufacturer of advanced multi-axis motion controllers, machine controllers and integrated control modules, ACS provides standard and custom products that combine power and precision to deliver flexible, economical, user-friendly motion and machine control solutions.  Established in 1985, ACS’ international headquarters is located in Israel and its North American headquarters resides in Eden Prairie, MN.  ACS also has facilities in South Korea and China, and distributors worldwide that deliver dependable customer service and product support.  ACS is an ISO9001 certified manufacturing facility, demonstrating its continuous commitment to providing customers with reliable devices that are thoroughly tested with the latest available techniques.  

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