FMD71/FMD72 Electronic dP from Endress+Hauser

  • December 16, 2013
  • Endress+Hauser, Inc.
FMD71/FMD72 Electronic dP from Endress+Hauser
FMD71/FMD72 Electronic dP from Endress+Hauser

The Deltabar FMD71/FMD72 electronic differential pressure measurement system uses two pressure sensor modules connected to a single transmitter—thus eliminating the need for impulse lines or capillaries. Traditional capillary and impulse line systems have well-known issues with icing up, clogging, leaky taps, dry/wet leg inconsistencies and temperature effects. With the Deltabar FMD71/FMD72, you have a reliable, safe and cost effective answer to these issues.  



  • Eliminate measurement drift due to ambient temperature changes - up to 95%
  • Differential pressure, head pressure and sensor temperature from one system - available via HART®
  • Continuous health indication of the entire system via HART® diagnostics
  • Faster response time than traditional capillary systems - up to 10 times faster!
  • Right sensor technology for the application
  • Self-monitoring Ceraphire® ceramic measuring cell available
  • Standard cabling connections provide flexibility


  • Eliminate tubing and connection leaks often seen with traditional systems
  • Eliminate line condensation or evaporation events (dry/wet leg inconsistencies) and plugging events
  • Reduce field personnel safety exposure risks
  • Fully vacuum resistant Ceraphire® ceramic cells with highest overload protection

Cost Effective

  • Use existing wiring when installing replacement systems
  • No system recalibration or reconfiguration required with any component change
  • Water tight, quick disconnect between sensors
  • Fewer spare parts – replace individual components of the system as needed
  • No need for varying lengths of capillary systems, just shorten the cable
  • Use industry standard cable
  • Just one technician to install entire system
  • No need for freeze protection/heat tracing, so save energy

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