Port GMBH releases CANopen, POWERLINK and EtherCAT drivers

  • July 02, 2013

July 2, 2013 - port releases CANopen, POWERLINK and EtherCAT drivers for the Sitara  ARM  Cortex -A8 AM335x microprocessors from Texas Instruments. The drivers are based on industrial communication stacks and tools provided by port. Using the Sitara AM335x together with port´s stacks & tools, a wide range of different applications for global markets can be realized today and have the option to be upgraded to new technologies at a later date. Design tools offered for CANopen, POWERLINK and EtherCAT support the user integrating the stack reducing development times and costs significantly. Up to 45 days after purchase the customer will receive free support by port. Beyond this period of time, flexible maintenance contracts are available.  

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