Baumer introduces Ethernet-Ready Encoders

  • November 14, 2012
  • Baumer Ltd.
Baumer introduces Ethernet-Ready Encoders
Baumer introduces Ethernet-Ready Encoders

November 14 2012 -Baumer announced a family of Ethernet-ready encoders that interface seamlessly with EtherCAT, Profinet, PowerLink and Ethernet/IP controllers. The Baumer line also includes "power over EtherCAT" encoder products that require only a single cable for data exchange and power supply.
The Baumer product portfolio supports all common industrial Ethernet interfaces and includes shaft or hollow-shaft configurations. Magnetic or optical sensing technologies are available along with single- and multi-turn capabilities. Magnetic encoders are optimally suited for applications in harsh, dusty or damp environments and are capable of withstanding exposure to high shock (300 G's) and high vibration. 
Optical absolute encoders provide highly accurate motion feedback data with single turn resolutions to 18 bits and multi-turn capabilities up to 31 bits. These highly versatile units feature a modular bus cover that can remain live even if the base encoder is de-coupled from the bus cover. Baumer Ethernet-ready encoders are used in a wide range of automated applications including metal processing, laser cutting, packaging, material handling, lumber/wood processing and other industrial process control applications. 

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