Software Toolbox Expands Top Server

  • March 05, 2013
  • Software Toolbox Inc.
Software Toolbox Expands Top Server
Software Toolbox Expands Top Server

March 5, 2013 – Software Toolbox announced TOP Server Version 5.11 with a new IEC 61850 protocol driver commonly used for power distribution applications. The product release also features an OPC XML-DA Client driver for connectivity to OPC XML-DA servers, electronic flow measurement (EFM) enhancements for the oil and gas industry, ControlLogix firmware Version 21 support updates as well as enhancements and fixes for many other existing communications drivers.   Top Server is Software Toolbox’s OPC and native HMI device connectivity software application offering more than 130 different device drivers and plug-ins. Powered by Kepware, TOP Server Version 5.11 delivers new drivers, as well as, enhancements to the main server and many existing drivers.   Expanding the connectivity options for the power and utilities sector, TOP Server Version 5.11 introduces the initial release of the IEC 61850 MMS Client Driver. This driver is available separately or is included in the Power and Utilities Suite. TOP Server can now connect to power transmission and distribution devices supporting the IEC 61850 protocol over the Manufacturing Message Specification (MMS) transport.   For connectivity to third-party OPC XML-DA servers, TOP Server adds an OPC XML-DA Client driver to the OPC Client Suite. Specifically, some automation systems have integrated OPC XML-DA servers that can be used for network communications, such as Siemens® Simotion® systems and specific Siemens® wind turbines. TOP Server can now be used to integrate these OPC XML-DA systems with client applications not supporting OPC XML-DA.   In keeping with continuing efforts to maintain full compatibility with automation hardware, TOP Server Version 5.11 expands ControlLogix Ethernet driver support for the latest Allen-Bradley release of ControlLogix firmware, Version 21. The driver has been updated for pre-defined data types support for automatic tag generation, as required by the firmware. Other enhancements for ControlLogix Ethernet include support for controller project change detection for online and offline project edits, minimizing the possibility of communications issues due to such changes.   TOP Server Version 5.11 also adds enhancements for the Electronic Flow Measurement (EFM) Suite, including a new EFM simulator driver, which provides an easy method for EFM users to test configurations without having access to a physical EFM device. Other TOP Server EFM updates include expanded client control options via a range of new system tags as well as several performance improvements.    TOP Server Version 5.11 also brings performance updates to the GE Ethernet driver. The driver has been updated to support reading multiple blocks in a single read request, dramatically increasing the potential performance capabilities of the driver, especially for larger projects. The GE Ethernet driver now also supports bit-level access when using symbolic variables with PACSystems controllers.   Additional improvements in TOP Server Version 5.11 include:

  • ABB Totalflow Serial Support for DB1 – The driver can now communicate with G1 and early G2 Totalflow devices.
  • Enron Modbus Configurable Addressing – The driver now supports configurable addressing, which provides users the flexibility to set address ranges to work with devices not using standard Enron address extensions.
  • Other Driver Updates – Expanded functionality and improvements made to the ControlLogix Ethernet, ControlLogix Unsolicited Ethernet, DNP3 Suite, Fisher ROC Suite, Omni Flow Computer Driver, as well as other enhancements. For full details of updates and enhancements in TOP Server Version 5.11, please see the release notes.

TOP Server Version 5.11 is available for download or as an upgrade for users with active support and maintenance contracts at

“Constant innovation and enhancement has always been one of the major focuses of Software Toolbox, enabling the company to meet all of the needs of the user,” said Kevin Rutherford, brand manager at Software Toolbox. “Our expansion of new drivers and existing driver functionality means users can integrate TOP Server applications and processes over the widest variety of vertical industries, such as power and utilities, oil and gas, manufacturing and many more.” ABOUT SOFTWARE TOOLBOX Since 1996, Software Toolbox has been an industry source for industrial automation software, from project conception to completion. The company has served more than 10,000 clients in 110 countries helping them find, evaluate, purchase and support automation software solutions. These solutions include OPC servers, clients, development toolkits, HMI/SCADA add-ins/enhancements, and ActiveX and .NET development tools for Visual Studio C#/VB/C++. Software Toolbox works with its clients in all phases of projects to help them find and determine the right tools to use and to support overall project objectives and maximize their industrial software results.

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