Deutschmann updates UNIGATE EtherCAT gateways

  • July 03, 2012
  • Deutschmann Automation
Deutschmann updates UNIGATE EtherCAT gateways
Deutschmann updates UNIGATE EtherCAT gateways

July 3, 2012 - Deutschmann Automation  added the EtherCAT Modular Device Profile to its EtherCAT protocol converters and gateways. The modules now support the dynamic adjustment of the process data length, which can be set in a standardized XML file easily generated by means of a configuration tool. The modules make the connection of networks using different protocols and the integration of terminal devices into automation networks equally simple. The latest additions to the program include UNIGATE IC EtherCAT bus nodes, UNIGATE CL EtherCAT protocol converters, and UNIGATE CX gateways that inter-operate with EtherCAT. On a 45 x 25 mm footprint, the UNIGATE EtherCAT interface combines all necessary components such as microcontroller, Flash, RAM, bus controller, and analog components such as optocouplers. The certified solution can be operated stand-alone or connected to the terminal device’s microprocessor via a UART interface, assisting it by handling all data traffic.

The EtherCAT protocol converter from the UNIGATE CL family for DIN rail installation connects devices and automation components via their serial interfaces to EtherCAT networks. UNIGATE CL EtherCAT uses a maximum 1,024 byte data width and supports a transmission speed of 100 MBaud and CAN over Ethernet (CoE).

The modules from the UNIGATE CX series make incompatible networks compatible. Consisting of two UNIGATE CL modules, the DIN rail devices can be supplied for any fieldbus and Ethernet combination covered by the CL series. UNIGATE CL and CX gateways can be easily adapted to the specific application or protocol by means of the tried and tested WINGATE configuration tool. The products convert the terminal devices’ protocol via a script, ensuring an optimal adaptation of the device to the requirements of the EtherCAT protocol.

For creating the script, Deutschmann provides the free-of-charge Protocol Developer PC tool which requires no special programming skills or knowledge of EtherCAT. The script enables users to create even complex protocols, buffer data, and process data in virtually any way. Changes to the firmware of the terminal device are no longer necessary. In addition to the EtherCAT solutions Deutschmann supplies protocol converters and interface ICs for Profibus DP, MPI, DeviceNET, CANopen, LonWorks, Ethernet TCP/IP, Modbus TCP/RTU/ASCII, EtherNet/IP, POWERLINK, and PROFINET.  

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