OGP releases CNC 670 multisensor smartscope

  • December 06, 2011

December 6, 2011 - OGP released the CNC 670 multisensor smartscope system, capable of measuring components as large as an automotive engine block. Despite its size, the intelligent use of space in the mechanical design of the system means it retains a relatively small footprint. Other suitable applications include medical component manufacture, pharmaceuticals and plastics, aerospace, military engineering and scientific measurement. In addition, the CNC 670 is ideal for measuring large electronic components such as flat panel displays and masks or fixed arrays or assemblies of smaller parts. The CNC 670’s multisensory measurement capacity makes it highly adaptable. In addition to the video measurement, there is the option to combine laser and/or touch probe technology. Each sensor performs a different measurement function and the combination of all three in a single package means that the end user can save time, increase accuracy and consolidate all quality processes into one automatic procedure. It also cuts down on the required production space and keeps capital expenditure and maintenance bills manageable by using only one machine. The CNC 670 is fitted with a large magnification 12:1 range zoom lens that calibrates itself automatically after each magnification change. It also features a stable granite bridge that provides excellent metrological stability across the entire X-axis, while dual Y axis scales assure high accuracy and repeatability. The DC motor and drive package provides XY travel of 200 mm/sec. As a result, the system is able to produce accurate and repeatable measurements in a short space of time and within the constraints created by the manufacturing workflow. LED illumination, including green back light, white coaxial TTL surface light and OGP patented programmable SmartRing lights, means that the CNC 670 can address most lighting needs with ease. Optional measurement software provides 3D capability with full sensor and rotary integration.   

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