MatrikonOPC enhances OPC Tunneller

  • June 22, 2011
  • MatrikonOPC

June 22, 2011 - MatrikonOPC released the newest version of OPC Tunneller – now with support for OPC Alarms and Events. With OPC Tunneller, users can easily transfer data from remote OPC Servers into a centralized A&E Historian without DCOM communication issues. This allows users to establish and maintain secure, reliable communications between systems spanning large geographical distances and systems on complex networks. OPC Tunneller’s lossless data compression uses less than 10 percent of the bandwidth normally needed by regular OPC traffic based on DCOM. Such low data overhead is optimal for use in limited data bandwidth applications that involve the use of satellites, modems, radios, and other bandwidth-limited communications. In addition, OPC Tunneller keeps OPC data confidential by encrypting it. This approach provides users with an additional layer in the defense-in-depth cyber security model. OPC Tunneller’s Features:

  •  Easy cross-domain and workgroup connectivity
  •  Direct connectivity to A&E Historians
  •  Works well in low bandwidth environments
  • … and many more


"The ability to access your data whenever and wherever you need is crucial in today’s automation solutions, especially when it comes to alarm data. Plant operators and engineers need ready access to such data to prevent down time, costly maintenance, or outright disasters. OPC Tunneller provides users the most stable and secure connectivity possible to their real-time, historical, and alarm and event OPC data sources,” said Darek Kominek Marketing Manager at MatrikonOPC products.

About MatrikonOPC MatrikonOPC provides equipment data connectivity software based on the OPC standard. The MatrikonOPC promise is to empower customers with reliable data access to all major automation vendors’ systems, provide practical OPC training and deliver superior client care. MatrikonOPC builds close relationships with its customers to best address their business and technical needs. With offices in North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific and the Middle East, MatrikonOPC provides local presence on a global scale. MatrikonOPC is a vendor neutral connectivity supplier.  

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