Opto 22 enhances OptoEMU Sensor

  • May 19, 2011
Opto 22 enhances OptoEMU Sensor
Opto 22 enhances OptoEMU Sensor

May 19, 2011 -Opto 22 enhances its energy monitoring OptoEMU Sensor by adding Modbus/TCP and OPC industrial protocol support, Microsoft SQL Server and Access integration, and a Microsoft .NET developer toolkit, thereby making it easier for facility managers, energy managers, and plant personnel to manage energy usage in their facilities using the hardware, interfaces, protocols, and databases they know and prefer.

The OptoEMU Sensor energy monitoring appliance quickly and easily connects to utility meters, plant equipment, and facility systems to gather real-time facility and equipment energy usage data. The Sensor's already broad communication capabilities have now been expanded to include support for Modbus/TCP, a standard, Ethernet-based industrial communications protocol. This enhancement allows the Sensor to effectively perform in any Ethernet-based Modbus architecture-without need for translators, software development, or other middleware.

The OptoEMU Sensor also now includes OPC connectivity and can communicate with any OPC client. For example, plant managers and industrial automation personnel can connect to and visualize their energy data using popular SCADA and HMI software packages like Wonderware's InTouch®, Intellution's iFix®, Iconic's Genesis® and other OPC-aware clients.

In addition to its new communications features, the OptoEMU Sensor also offers easier Integration with Opto 22's SNAP PAC System for industrial control, including the ability to visualize real-time energy data with the free PAC Display human machine interface (HMI) software package. Sensor data can also be integrated into any PAC Control program for complete facility energy management.

Developers who wish to build their own applications for visualizing data from the Sensor can use a new, free Microsoft .NET toolkit to do so. The Sensor communicates using OptoMMP, an open, Opto 22-developed protocol wrapped into a managed code library that offers programmers an easy way to add energy data to both new and existing applications.


Additionally, information technology (IT) departments can use Opto 22's OptoDataLink software to post their energy data directly into Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Access, MySQL, and other databases. This new option nicely complements the OptoEMU Sensor's ability to deliver energy data to Web-based applications like Google PowerMeter and Pulse Energy's Pulse(tm), and provides yet another way to aggregate data in a central repository where it can be used to quickly understand energy usage, pinpoint problems, and reduce costs.


The OptoEMU Sensor is available at a list price of $1295. All new communication and interface options are included in OptoEMU Sensors shipping now.


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Opto 22 develops and manufactures hardware and software for applications involving industrial automation and control, energy management, remote monitoring, and data acquisition. Opto 22 products use standard, commercially available networking and computer technologies, and have an established reputation worldwide for ease-of-use, innovation, quality, and reliability. Opto 22 products are used by automation end-users, OEMs, and information technology and operations personnel in over 10,000 installations worldwide. The company was founded in 1974 and is privately held in Temecula, California, USA. Opto 22 products are available through a global network of distributors and system integrators.


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