Transpara Web-enables Visual KPI

  • June 22, 2011

June 22, 2011 – Transpara released Visual KPI version 4.0. A web-based software application, Visual KPI provides decision makers with real-time access to critical operations data on any web-enabled device – including iPhone / iPad, Blackberry, Android, Windows Phone, PC, Mac and more. Visual KPI 4.0 breaks away from the limitations of traditional dashboards and scorecards to now provide users with unprecedented flexibility to navigate, monitor and interact with fast moving data. Visual KPI 4.0 has simplified how users implement and design front-end BI solutions, eliminating the expense and time previously needed for dashboard and scorecard projects. Visual KPI 4.0 allows users to monitor metrics from almost any data source and on any mobile device, without coding or changing mobile security requirements. With its Microsoft Excel-based design environment, Visual KPI can be deployed in less than a day and allows users to rapidly create KPIs, scorecards, trends and alerts in a single web-based experience to enable faster decision making from any location. Visual KPI 4.0 delivers added power and flexibility in how users organize and model business metrics without sacrificing simplicity. New features include:

  •  New look – a whole new user experience improved for touch-screen devices and tablets. Clearly defined tabs and graphical representation of information offer enhanced navigation, while allowing customers to accommodate new data types.
  • Attribute-driven groups with unlimited levels – Views and scorecards have been collapsed into unlimited “groups” for easy organization of KPIs, alerts and values. Visual KPI 4.0 shows a customer’s entire asset hierarchy (e.g. geographic region, business unit, equipment type) at a glance, no matter how sophisticated.
  • Values – pre-defined and ad-hoc monitoring of values (metrics that lack the target behavior and defined limits of a KPI), along with mobile KPIs and trends. This creates simplified operations monitoring for any executive or operational user.
  •  Links – enhanced context and guidance with links to any URL-addressable system. Links can point to applications (e.g. MES, ERP, CRM) where the users will take action, instructional documents or external data sources for comparisons, all of which make Visual KPI almost infinitely extensible.
  • More data sources – Visual KPI connects to almost any data source without creating a new master source to manage. This includes data historians (e.g. OSIsoft PI, Invensys Wonderware), databases, other BI or data warehouse solutions, manufacturing or line-of-business applications (e.g. SAP, Oracle, Microsoft Dynamics) and web services.
  • Subscription pricing and new versions: Visual KPI 4.0 is now available in Starter, Pro and Enterprise versions. It runs on the customer’s server (on-premise or hosted; physical or virtual machine), and subscription pricing starts at $19 per user per month.


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