Advantech announces Windows Embedded 7 Support

  • May 16, 2010
  • Advantech Industrial Automation Group

May 16, 2010 - Advantech announced compatibility with the Windows Embedded Standard 7 operating system for its full range of embedded platforms. The new release of Windows Embedded Standard 7 contains powerful and innovative features, as well as inheriting Embedded-Enabling Features (EEF) from Windows Embedded Standard 2009. These features provide robust protection for differentiated devices. Advantech also develops unique utilities and software APIs to make Windows Embedded Standard 7 easier to use and integrate. These advanced technologies enable the delivery of devices to market that offer a solid platform and better user experience.Advantech’s embedded platform series containing Intel Atom, Intel Core i3, Intel Core i5, and Intel Core i7 processors are all compatible with Windows Embedded Standard 7. Advantech also provides unique utilities for its embedded platforms; a boot manager that allows easier changes and control of Windows Embedded Standard 7 with a Windows shell and boot process, and an EWF/FBWF manager that is a GUI-based tool for configuration of Embedded-Enabling Features. Using the latest board technology with Windows Embedded Standard 7 allows developers to easily design and integrate applications for digital signage, KIOSK/POS and gaming markets.Windows Embedded Standard 7 Highlights

  • Windows XP Mode (Intel VT or AMD-V required) Provides an environment in which existing productivity applications for Windows XP can run on Windows Embedded Standard 7-based devices.
  • Windows TouchAllows touchscreen control of the computer, providing visual feedback for touch and multi-touch gestures.
  • BitLocker and BitLocker To Go Provides advanced data encryption that protects device data and now supports USB removable devices.
  • Windows UpdateWindows Embedded Standard 7 Toolkit provides tools that you can use to add feature packages, language packs, drivers, and software updates to the Windows Embedded Standard 7 installation on your device. You can perform maintenance tasks on an installation regardless of whether it's currently running or not (online or offline image).
  • Embedded-Enabling FeaturesIn addition to providing the same binary functionality as Windows 7 Ultimate, Windows Embedded Standard 7 includes Embedded-Enabling Features that address specific embedded device scenarios. By using EEFs, you can deploy your run-time image to read-only media, update and manage your device remotely, or detect the hardware running on your device.
  • Runtime SKUs & LongevityWindows Embedded Standard 7 is available in two SKUs: WS7P and WS7E. Longevity support for embedded market systems is over 10 years. Since most hardware chipsets are only supported for five to seven years, customers should upgrade from old platforms to new ones. XP Mode helps customers move applications, reducing efforts during platform migration.ApplicationsMicrosoft’s existing embedded operating system falls somewhat short of fulfilling the requirements for multi-touch features in digital signage, multimedia kiosk, and gaming applications, as a result of the lack of uniform driver configuration. Windows Touch solves this problem by providing easier solutions for touchscreen integration, saving developers time and resources. Windows Touch technology assists developers in a variety of vertical market applications:
  • ATM machines
  • Digital signage
  • Industrial PCs – HMI, SCADA and MES
  • KiosksTransaction-based – airline check-inInformation-based – state park map guides
  • Medical diagnostic devices – X-ray or cat scan machines
  • POS terminals
  • About Embedded Core Services –Advantech Embedded Core Services offers design-in oriented services. These streamlined solutions broadly integrate embedded boards, peripheral modules and software. We believe dedicated focus on Embedded Design-in services can fulfill electronic engineering demands at their design-in phase, and bring benefits which shorten the design and integration cycle, minimizing uncertainty and risk. About Advantech –Founded in 1983, Advantech delivers trustworthy industrial computing solutions that enable intelligent applications. Our operation is divided into two segments: Branded & Solution Business and Embedded Design-In Business. Advantech is a Premier Member of the Intel Embedded Alliance. We cooperate closely with solution partners to provide products and customized solutions in a wide array of applications. Advantech operates an extensive support, sales and marketing network in 18 countries and 39 major cities to deliver fast time-to-market services to our worldwide customers.

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