Applied Instrument Technologies Introduces SpectraQuant analyzer Software

  • July 31, 2010

July 31, 2010 - Hamilton Sundstrand’s Applied Instrument Technologies (AIT) announced SpectraQuant chemometric software for use with AIT’s SpectraRTS process development and monitoring software used in AIT’s series of process development and on-line spectroscopic analyzer systems. SpectraQuant is a chemometric program utilizing constrained principal component regression that delivers a powerful calibration tool. It features a robust and intuitive user interface that includes a flowchart guiding the user step by step through the model development process. SpectraQuant calibration modeling software incorporates the proven benefits of constrained principal component regression (CPSA) with the tools available in Eigenvector Research Incorporated’s PLS Toolbox suite. It contains the critical features of AIT’s CPSA32 modeling software; baseline constraints, pathlength constraints and spectral interference constraints. SpectraQuant will be available with full Eigenvector PLS Toolbox and with Eigenvector’s Solo. It is also available as an upgrade for all existing PC80 process monitoring software users.

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