Applied Measurements announces T24 radio telemetry system

  • July 26, 2010

July 26, 2010 - Applied Measurements launched the T24 radio telemetry system to connect to any strain gauge based sensor for the measurement of load, pressure, torque and displacement as well as standard 0-10V & 4-20mA sensors. This means customers are now able to connect wirelessly using low power radio techniques, which allows data to be collected over many channels simultaneously. The acquisition module uses a secure transmission network and provides live data over distances of up to 120m line-of-site and even further using external antennas.The range of products include:

  • T24-xA acquisition modules - Voltage / Current / milivolt input
  • T24-RM relay output modules - for limit or relay alarms
  • T24-HA handheld displays - for configuration, taring, summing etc
  • T24-PR1 printer modules - wireless thermal printer
  • T24-AO1 analogue output - 4-20mA / 0-10Vdc / ¬±5Vdc
  • T24-BSu USB base station - for data collection and configuration
  • Each acquisition module can be used to supply data to several different output devices, or receive data from a multiple of acquisition modules. This inbuilt flexibility avoids dedicated components and means uses do not need to stock application specific modules.The data acquisition PCBs have been miniaturised sufficiently, so that they can be mounted directly within the sensors themselves. This means if need be, the signal can be transmitted directly form the sensor (load cell, pressure transducer etc) with no external cabling. Some examples of wireless applications include the following (more information can be supplied on any of the examples given):
  • Automotive - Torque measurement
  • Civil Engineering - Monitoring of anchor loads
  • Construction - Monitoring of building foundations
  • Lifting & Handling - Crane load pins
  • Marine - Mooring ropes
  • Silo & Weighing Industry - Silo weighing
  • Theatre & Outside Events - Stage & rigging monitoring
  • Waste Management - Skip weighing
  • Alternative Energy - Wind turbines
  • Approved for use by the FCC, ETSI and Industry Canada amongst others, the T24 system is based on a proprietary 804.15.4 chip and the range of wireless products co-exists with Bluetooth, Zigbee & WiFi devices without conflicts. The 2.4GHz band on which it operates is license free around the World and importantly, data being transmitted is secure as each of the radio modules use a unique 6-digit Hexadecimal key and interference is avoided through the use of a proprietary protocol. To set up the measurement a software toolkit is supplied as a free of charge downloadable file (Freeware). This provides the user with the means to view and alter the device parameters and perform the calibration of all the modules wirelessly. Additionally, radio link quality and sensor integrity can be checked, configurations can be stored, data can be logged to a CSV file and PC based reports can be prepared.Some of the features / benefits derived of the system include:1. No costly purchase of cables required with the associated inconvenience of identification, storage and maintenance2. Eliminates measurement errors due to cable failure or connection problems 3. Wireless is particularly suitable for some rotating or precision applications4. A wireless link can cost less than buying and installing a cable5. The acquisition modules are designed to sleep / wake to preserve battery life6. Existing PC terminals are used to log data from acquisition modules on site, so no additional hardware is required7. Once time stamped the data collected is forwarded to a server, desktop or mobile device in real time

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