Apprion Announces ION System Health Monitoring Application

  • October 29, 2010
  • Apprion, Inc.
Apprion Announces ION System Health Monitoring Application
Apprion Announces ION System Health Monitoring Application

October 28, 2010 – Apprion released the ION System Health Monitoring Application. ION provides real-time analysis and visualization of the health of any and all operational systems. It provides unified visibility of the entire facility system including devices, machines, and all networks giving managers complete insight and knowledge about the health and status of their system and enables them to identify potential issues and take immediate action.ION provides one unified view for simplicity, organization and visibility into all the information, activities and details of a facility’s complex network systems. This one unified view gives a workforce one record with many views for better accountability, less complexity, and more impactful information. Key features include:

  • Real-time, At-a-Glance, Unified Views ‚Äì Real-time, at-a-glance views of the health of entire systems, sub-systems, and their components ‚Äì machines, devices, networks, and software in one central console enables managers to proactively monitor and manage all components of a system.
  • Unlimited, Personalized Views ‚Äì Tap into the unique power of a workforce by giving them the view of the world they want, not the view that your systems think they should see.
  • Advanced System Organization ‚Äì Advanced, behind-the-scenes logistics organize and aggregate all relevant data about the systems, sub-systems, network and devices, event alarms and alerts ‚Äì and more ‚Äì for easy viewing, analysis and management in a consolidated command center.
  • Monitor the Condition of Systems and the Conditions the Systems are Monitoring ‚Äì Includes status reporting, diagnostics and alert mechanisms on system components and instruments that are monitoring the status (temperature, pressure, tank levels, etc.) of key processes and devices.
  • Quality and Threshhold Alerts and Alarms ‚Äì Alerts based on configurable parameters, compound rules and thresholds for distinguishing among minor, major and critical alarms eliminate the tyranny of over-alarming, reduce the noise of too many, non-critical alarms and provide a more streamlined perspective of key system activities.
  • Network Optimization ‚Äì All system devices are consistently monitored and optimally utilized across remote facility-wide and geographically-distributed networks.ION System Health Monitoring is integrated with the Apprion IONosphere as part of Apprion‚Äôs ION System. This integration allows real-time system health analytics to be combined with other ION applications such as ION Video, Mobility, and Communications to create an intelligent operations network.

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