As One Technologies enhances Catalyst xM

  • October 27, 2010
  • Savigent Software

October 27, 2010 – As One Technologies released of Catalyst xM version 2.0. The updated version delivers significant enhancements to the software – most notably multi-model support, composite action plan capabilities and new plan step functionality – and sets the stage for the future release of Catalyst xM-enabled applications. Catalyst xM delivers a controlled system for workflow automation, providing manufacturers with guaranteed compliance, unparalleled traceability and rich manufacturing intelligence. The enhancements present in Catalyst xM v2.0 provide users with significantly increased functionality, flexibility and simplicity. The multi-model support addition makes it possible to package related functionalities into reusable models, create simplifying reference models and deploy multiple models to a single Catalyst xM server. The composite action plan capabilities allow nesting of workflows by implementing individual actions as action plans to increase implementation reuse and simplify programming. The new step functionality facilitates the creation of more complex execution scenarios – such as parallel execution for multiple actions – and simpler implementation. Implementations of Catalyst xM are currently underway for multiple customers in a variety of industries, including the contract manufacturing, semiconductor, aerospace and defense, and specialty chemical sectors. Implementations in the industrial and food and beverage sectors are also planned. Jay Mellen, As One’s executive vice president of business development, said, “We are encouraged and excited by the traction we have realized with Catalyst xM and the operational benefits realized by our customers. The implementations currently underway demonstrate the flexibility of Catalyst xM to address the unique needs of manufacturers in a variety of industries.” Mellen continued, “This release of Catalyst xM also includes the foundational elements needed to allow us to release Catalyst xM-enabled applications – targeted software products built completely on the Catalyst Platform, leveraging highly flexible Catalyst xM workflow. We are looking forward to sharing more details about these products in coming months.” Mellen also commented on the open connectivity of Catalyst xM. “Catalyst xM – indeed, the entire Catalyst suite – has been designed to integrate with existing equipment and systems in order to provide event detection and action automation with open connectivity to a wide variety of equipment, devices, databases, and communications and messaging protocols,” he said. “The software’s ability to integrate with manufacturers’ existing equipment and systems is nearly unmatched in this market space.” David Wicker, company CEO, said, “The release of Catalyst xM version 2.0 does more than simply provide our clients with a more powerful, more flexible tool to help them achieve their manufacturing goals and business objectives. Catalyst xM has proven again and again to be a world-class product for delivering a highly controlled electronic system for the automation of workflow. Version 2.0 puts into place the core elements for an exciting set of applications we’ll be releasing in the near future...applications that will extend and enhance our customers’ abilities to produce products more efficiently, effectively and economically.” Founded in 1994, As One Technologies, Inc., has pioneered a new class of event-driven manufacturing operations management software. The company currently serves manufacturers in a variety of industries including the automotive, semiconductor, industrial, specialty chemical, consumer packaged goods, and aerospace and defense sectors. Clients served by As One are seeking increased efficiencies, agile control of manufacturing assets, and improved process control and product quality. The company also serves OEMs and independent software vendors by providing value-added software solutions for their products. Its Catalyst suite of products provides solutions for workflow automation, manufacturing intelligence and systems integration.

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