Automation Anywhere enhances Testing Anywhere

  • July 14, 2010
Automation Anywhere enhances Testing Anywhere
Automation Anywhere enhances Testing Anywhere

July 14, 2010 – Automation Anywhere announced version 6.5 of Testing Anywhere with the Object Avatar function.Object Avatar is an object-based testing tool that significantly reduces development and modification time. This approach means users don’t have to re-record test cases with each object change and there is no need to access a live application to create or modify test cases. Object Avatar1) Captures each object and application screen in a test case in the form of an Object Avatar2) Accesses these Object Avatars to create and modify tests without access to the live application3) Reduces development and modification times with constant access to live objects Benefits of Object Avatar:

  • Power: After a user creates an Object Avatar and stores it on the server in the Object Avatar Repository the Object Avatar can be reused by all testers who are authorized to have access to the Object Avatar Repository. Object Avatars can be used over and over to created many different kinds of tests. Depending on the complexity of applications, a user may be able to build test cases 2, 3 or even 4 times faster than with current testing software.
  • Reliability: A lot of mistakes are eliminated when testers are working with the same set of Object Avatars across all test cases. For example, if 16 testers are working with a complex application, each of them may need to enter data in three or four screens before they drill down to the screens that they are actually going to test. One tester may make a mistake entering the data, another tester may be using an incorrect version of the browser, while still another tester may have configured the application settings incorrectly.
  • Security: As with other tests that can be created with Testing Anywhere, tests created with Object Avatars can be encrypted and locked. Access rights to tests that have been encrypted and locked are restricted to those who have been granted authorization with an appropriate username and password.
  • "We've been using Testing Anywhere's new Object Avatar and believe there is nothing else like it in the market today. It is changing the way we do our application testing," Stephen Clancy, QATools Development of Healthways. "We found that using Object Avatar for test automation significantly reduces the amount of time we spend in updating and creating scripts. This is a great time saver. The global repository should help keep us all on the same page.‚Äù

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