Avalue Introduces ECM-QB single board computer

  • September 16, 2010
  • Avalue Technology
Avalue Introduces ECM-QB single board computer
Avalue Introduces ECM-QB single board computer

September 16, 2010 - Avalue Technology is releasing a new 3.5-inch single board computer, the ECM-QB, which is powered by the Intel Atom processor E620/640/660/680 series.The new Intel Atom processor E6xx series is a new System-on-Chip Atom-based processor which includes the memory controller, 3D graphics engine, high-definition video decoder and video encoding engine, display controller, a legacy peripheral controller, and a high-definition audio controller on the same die as the CPU. Thus this SoC solution will provide system builders with support for much smaller housing designs than previous Atom-based chips. In addition, the new chip also includes a PCI Express bus interface, allowing flexible connectivity for USB, COM, SATA and so on via an I/O chip, or PCI Express-compliant add-on cards such as video, audio and graphics. With Intel Platform Controller Hub EG20T, Avalue’s ECM-QB supports single channel 18/24-bit LVDS and CRT+LVDS multi-display. The I/O deployment includes 2 SATA, 3 RS-232, 1 RS-422, 1 RS-485, 1 CAN, 4 USB 2.0, and 8-bit GPIO. Two Intel gigabit LANs and more expansion options with PCI Express mini card slot and LPC for extra devices. Also, the ECM-QB can endure wide temperature operation, making the ECM-QB a great choice for customers who need an embedded board for extreme environments.The ECM-QB 3.5-inch board represents an excellent green product performing with its dimension, extra low power, and 5~7 year long product life, as a matter of course at an affordable price. ECM-QB 3.5-Inch Micro Module Features:

  • Intel Atom Processor E620/640/660/680 Series
  • Intel Platform Controller Hub EG20T
  • Onboard DDR2 1GB Memory
  • 2 SATA, 3 RS-232, 1 RS-422, 1 RS-485 , 1 CAN Bus
  • 1 x Micro SD, 1 x CF socket
  • 1 PCIe Mini Card slot
  • Wide Temperature Tolerance
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