Bachmann enhances M-Target for Simulink

  • May 30, 2010
  • Bachmann electronic Corp.

May 30, 2010 - M-Target for Simulink enables the automatic generation of open or closed loop control programs and analysis programs for the M1 automation system directly from MATLAB/Simulink. The version 1.30 supports the familiar modes "Accelerator" and "Rapid Accelerator" in Simulink, which enable accelerated simulation of complex models.As part of the model-based development, both the process environment and the actual control programs themselves are first simulated on the computer and then subsequently transferred to the PLC as a real-time program. The also newly supported "Referenced Models" make it easier to re-use and exchange existing models between different teams.In addition, version 1.30 supplements this with the new signal modules of the M1 controller system as blocks, enables simpler use of "retain" data and supports the versions 2009a and 2009b of MATLAB/Simulink. This enables model-based development and the not just faster, but also more reliable time-to-market than conventional programming.

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