Baumer introduces OADM 250 Laser Diustance sensor

  • July 01, 2010
  • Baumer Ltd.
Baumer introduces  OADM 250 Laser Diustance sensor
Baumer introduces OADM 250 Laser Diustance sensor

July 1, 2010 - Baumer introduced the OADM 250, an optical laser distance sensor specifically designed to accurately detect target objects, regardless of surface properties or color, at distances from 0.2 meters to 4 meters away. Based on time of flight technology, the compact OADM 250 offers response times of less than 10 ms, resolutions of 1.2 mm, and repeat accuracy of ± 5 mm, which delivers precise data even on moving targets.The Baumer OADM 250 is designed to supplement traditional laser distance sensors with measuring ranges of less than 1 meter. Sized at just 25 x 66 x 51 mm, the sensor fits easily into almost any application. A robust aluminum housing, washable glass front optics, and IP67 certification provide durability and reliability in harsh end use environments.The measuring range of the OADM 250 is easily adjusted using a teach-in button or separate wire. To ensure sensor reliability, an integrated alarm will sound if the target is outside the taught-in range.The OADM 250 sensor can be used in a variety of automated long-range part placement/detection, counting, and control monitoring applications such as conveying, palletizing, handling/logistics, packaging, assembly, and lumber processing. These sensors are also used in heavy-duty vehicles, solar panels, wind turbines, print/graphics machinery and metalworking equipment.

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