Bently Nevada announces 3701 Wind Turbine Condition Monitoring system

  • July 15, 2010
  • GE Digital

July 15, 2010 - The 3701/60 GE Wind Turbine Condition Monitoring Solution provides continuous online monitoring of wind turbine machine trains using sophisticated signal processing algorithms and machine operating states. It is part of the ADAPT.wind, the standard condition monitoring solution on GE’s wind turbine units that can be readily deployed on most manufacturers’ equipment. The 3701 Wind Condition Monitoring (CM) Solution, as a part of Condition Based Maintenance (CBM), allows wind turbine owners to know, months in advance, that a defect exists before failure occurs. GE’s CBM solution can save turbine owners hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars per year in lost revenue, depending on the size of the wind farm. Turbine owners can expect to see cost savings through several venues including reducing unplanned crane services and optimizing maintenance. Turbine owners will experience a reduction in unnecessary turbine outage and production loss. The 3701/60 GE Wind Turbine Monitoring Solution is a capable and flexible system that can be used as an independent standalone protection system, a networked distributed collection of inter-operating systems, or as an integrated part of a machine OEM's control & instrumentation package. GE’s CBM includes features and advantages not provided in other systems. The processors have all the functionality required for condition monitoring of Wind Turbine machine trains including signal conditioning, alarming, configuration, speed inputs, and control system communication. Channel measurement types include Acceleration and Speed. Sophisticated signal processing algorithms extract dozens of measurements and health indices from each accelerometer point and can be custom tuned to specific bearing and gear box characteristics. The 3701/60 GE Wind Turbine Monitor Protection & Condition Monitoring Solution is specifically designed for continuous permanent monitoring of wind turbine generator machine trains. It is designed for monitoring applications that require extremely high reliability and availability. Applications that will be addressed by the 3701/60 Solution include but are not limited to:

  • Tower Sway
  • Main Bearing
  • Gear Boxes - All Internal Bearings, Gear Meshes, and Particulate Monitoring
  • Generator Bearings
  • Special configuration or modifications to a standard solution can be addressed through Bently Nevada’s Custom Products Engineering. The 3701/60 Solution includes digital communication capabilities for connection to GE machinery management software using GE proprietary protocols via Ethernet connections. Moreover, the solution provides extensive communication capabilities of all monitored values and statuses for integration with process control and other automation systems using Ethernet TCP/IP communications capabilities. Supported protocols include:
  • Ethernet Global Data (EGD)
  • Proprietary GE protocol (for communication with 3701 System Software and Mark VIe control system)
  • Industry standard Modbus protocol over TCP

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