Coastal Flow updates BirdDog Remote Data Retrieval Service

  • April 21, 2010

APRIL 21, 2010 - Coastal Flow Measurement upgraded its BirdDog Remote Data Retrieval Services with a new look, new features, and a much faster, more user-friendly information display. Enhancements to the new BirdDog site and system include:

  • More information contained within each page so that there are fewer pages to navigate and data is displayed in an easier to read format.
  • Data from peripheral devices (such as tubing/casing pressures or oil and water meters), previously shown on the well data pages, is now displayed alongside flowing parameters.
  • Hourly and daily information which can now be sorted in either ascending or descending order.
  • Confirmation of whether or not the Demand Poll function was successfully completed.
  • The highly intuitive look and feel of the BirdDog system has been retained, which means that users will experience minimal, if any, learning curve requirements to be fully productive.As part of the upgrade process, Coastal Flow is offering webinar sessions to more fully demonstrate the BirdDog system’s improvements and new features. These brief sessions will familiarize users with BirdDog’s new look, new functionality, and insightful productivity improvements.

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