CygNet enhances Enterprise Operations Platform for oil and gas

  • November 02, 2010

November 2, 2010 – CygNet Software released Enterprise Operations Platform (EOP) 7.3 for the collection and sharing of operational data seamlessly across the oil and gas enterprise. With platform enhancements including more pre-built connectors to the latest versions of industry-leading field devices, as well as efficient integration with industry software packages, users can leverage real-time operations data within their systems and applications of choice. Additionally, continued enhancement of core management functions ensures even higher system availability.About CygNet EOP 7.3CygNet EOP is used today on thousands of desktops across North America, from super-majors to independent producers, as well as within the largest gas pipeline companies. It is the industry’s only unified information platform enabling companies to collect, manage, and distribute the terabytes of real-time operations data generated daily for operations, IT, and business users across the enterprise. Information coming from field devices, network nodes, and third-party applications can be delivered in context to users, enabling them to make better business decisions. The solution is built on CygNet’s powerful, next-generation computing architecture, which provides the speed, reliability, scale, sustainability, and efficiency required for dealing with massive data sets. Advances in version 7.3 deliver on CygNet’s commitment to connect industry-standard “data-producing” field devices with an enterprise’s existing “data-consuming” transactional systems and other third-party applications. The advances include:

  • Pre-built Connectivity to the Latest Versions of Industry-leading Field Devices ‚Äì Oil and gas enterprises deal with thousands of field devices producing vast amounts of data every second. The CygNet platform ships with pre-built connectors ‚Äì referred to as Equipment Interface Engines, or EIEs ‚Äì for the most widely used ‚Äúdata-producing‚Äù field devices. Now version 7.3 provides enhanced EIEs for the latest field devices from Weatherford, ABB Totalflow, Emerson RAS, and others.
  • Faster, More Flexible Data Distribution ‚Äì Business experts across every department from finance and compliance to marketing and volume management need the most current operations data to make solid business decisions quickly. CygNet Enterprise Integration Suite (EIS) readily connects a company‚Äôs existing business applications to this data by leveraging open, standards-based interfaces, such as XML, JMS, and HTTP, as well as connectivity via APIs and other open integration methods. Now with version 7.3, CygNet introduces ‚Äúbusiness objects,‚Äù which provide IT and operations the ability to express data attributes using their naming conventions of choice ‚Äì for example, using terms such as ‚Äúmeters and wells‚Äù instead of ‚Äúpoints and devices.‚Äù
  • Improved Performance and Reliability ‚Äì CygNet is committed to users to more easily facilitate sharing of operations data outside the CygNet system itself by incorporating core Microsoft technologies as they become available. Now version 7.3 supports the Microsoft Extensible Storage Engine (ESE), improving interface startup time and the speed of service replication. This also provides recovery in event of operation system glitches and more easily supports incremental backups.
  • Current customers may upgrade as part of their standard maintenance service.

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