E-Senza announces SenzaBlock Wireless Sensors for Data Centers

  • June 08, 2010
  • E-Senza Technologies GmbH

June 8, 2010 - E-Senza announced pre-configured wireless sensors focused on the needs of data center efficiency and monitoring system providers. The sensors are battery operable and plug-and-play compatible with E-Senza’s easy to install SenzaNET wireless sensor networking framework. Integration with data center monitoring software platforms is quick and easy thanks to the use of common SQL data structures and industry standard fieldbus protocols like Modbus TCP.The sensors are marketed under E-Senza’s SenzaBlock brand and include the following models:

  • For temperature & humidity sensing three battery operated models are offered. The SB110-T includes a 24-bit analog to digital converter for accurate temperature measurement of PT100 ohmic resistance temperature sensors. The SB110-HT uses a MEMS based combined temperature and humidity sensor for high resolution monitoring. The SB110-NTC offers and economical alternative to pure temperature sensing through the use of a digital thermistor.
  • Differential pressure can be monitored using the battery operated SB110-DP SenzaBlock. The DP sensor includes two 6mm air connection interfaces and can measure DP to .5 Pa accuracy.
  • Managing fresh air intake is an economical way to reduce HVAC costs and ensure a healthy work environment. E-Senza offers the SenzaBlock SB110-C, a line powered carbon dioxide sensor for integration with HVAC control systems that can manage fresh air intake dampers.
  • Energy consumption monitoring is accomplished through the use of the SB110-E which combines an analog input SenzaBlock with split core current sensors to accurately monitor current flow on any power circuit in the data center.
  • All SenzaBlock wireless sensors work seamlessly with any of E-Senza’s secure wireless gateways and the SenzaWMS wireless device network management and monitoring platform. Most are battery powered and offer multi-year battery life. SenzaBlocks must be authenticated prior to being authorized to join a network. A well defined, easy to use API, gives systems integrators a simple method to read SenzaBlock data into their own value-added systems. SenzaBlock’s are available today from $190; a complete data-center environmental monitoring get-started kit including sensors, gateway, and software is available for $2,500.

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