EPS adds carbon management to xChange Point energy software

  • October 12, 2010

October 12, 2010 – EPS added Carbon Management Platform to its xChange Point real-time sustainability solution. Offered in alliance with Climate Earth, this product delivers Scope 3 carbon assessment capability to the EPS energy and carbon management solution, providing a comprehensive view of the total carbon footprint for large and mid-sized manufacturing companies.xChange Point already enables manufacturers to view and understand energy use and Carbon Disclosure Project certified carbon emissions from fuel combustion and electricity (Scopes 1 and 2) in real time and creates solutions to significantly reduce them. This product offering adds the ability to quantify and monitor Scope 3 carbon emissions from the “upstream” supply chain, including all emissions from raw materials through processing, and transportation to procurement.By combining real-time energy management with the ability to quantify the total enterprise and supply chain carbon footprint of a corporation, the EPS Carbon Management Platform provides a powerful new management perspective for strategic decision makers. Additionally, it leverages the company’s financial data to highlight potential energy and carbon reduction opportunities so that executives can prioritize their sustainability initiatives for maximum results and regularly track the progress of these efforts.Understanding Scope 3 emissions is important because procurement and supply chain activities can account for 70% to 95% of a company’s total carbon footprint. Yet until now, calculation of Scope 3 emissions has been extremely limited or prohibitively expensive, due to the extensive analysis involved. xChange Point’s new capability prioritizes the supply chain “hot spots” to address quickly, and also views and ranks the performance of suppliers, materials, product lines and facilities by carbon intensity or carbon per dollar of sales and revenue.

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