GE upgrades System 1 condition monitoring software

  • November 02, 2010
  • GE Digital

November 1, 2010 - GE's Bently Nevada announces version 6.7 of System 1 condition monitoring software. This latest version supports current Microsoft platforms and enables migration and modernization of System 1 to streamline technology maintenance costs. It also provides a consolidation of condition monitoring platforms by providing lubricant analysis data import that strengthens diagnostic and predictive health capabilities within your reliability centered maintenance program for smarter plant operations. System 1 6.7 allows customers to migrate to the latest PC/server hardware platforms, Microsoft OS and SQL platforms allowing streamlined security and IT platform management across the network. This efficiency allows customers to better understand equipment health and more effectively manage System 1 for optimal efficiency, production and emissions. The addition of the lubricant analysis data management system eliminates the need for paper reports that are to trend manually making it difficult to establish a normal baseline and identify assets entering a failure mode. The lubricant analysis data import application package allows users to streamline data trending to easily identify if an asset condition is changing. The system also allows users to identify correlation of lubricant analysis data with other condition monitoring and process data to help identify a failure mode. System 1 alarm and alert configurations and Decision Support Rules allow users to automate analysis and alerts sent to maintenance staff and DCS Operators so that quick action can be taken as soon as the health of an important asset changes.

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