Green Hills Supports SPEAr Microprocessor Families

  • October 20, 2010
  • Green Hills Software

October 20, 2010 — Green Hills Software announced software development tools and operating system support for the STMicroelectronics SPEAr300 and SPEAr600 family of microprocessor units (MPUs). Green Hills Software’s INTEGRITY real-time operating system (RTOS), which is designed for use in embedded systems that require maximum reliability and absolute security, is now available for the SPEAr300, SPEAr310, SPEAr320 and SPEAr600 devices.Combining an ARM926EJ-S processor core with a rich set of audio, communication and connectivity interfaces, including those for Ethernet and Gigabit Ethernet, the SPEAr3xx MPU family is optimized to meet the particular challenges posed by human-machine interface, communications and security applications. The SPEAr600 delivers enhanced performance as a result of dual ARM926EJ-S cores, powerful connectivity features and a programmable LCD interface.INTEGRITY for STMicroelectronics SPEAr300 and SPEAr600The INTEGRITY RTOS achieves unprecedented levels of security, safety and reliability for applications in industrial control, automation, transportation, medical, consumer and other industries. In addition to the INTEGRITY RTOS, the integrated Green Hills Software development solution for ST’s SPEAr300 and SPEAr600 MPUs consists of the following components:

  • >Comprehensive portfolio of embedded communications, graphics, file systems, and other middleware;
  • MULTI integrated development environment ‚Äì providing the leading software development tool set for embedded software developers;
  • Green Hills optimized C/C++ compilers ‚Äì generating the highest-performance and smallest-footprint code for the ARM architecture;
  • Green Hills Probe ‚Äì providing low-level control of the ARM core for device-driver development, board bring-up, and system debugging.
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