ITTIA enhances DB SQL database software

  • October 29, 2010

October 29, 2010 — ITTIA DB SQL version 3.3 introduces new tools for software developers, in the form of a custom memory allocator and graphical database editing utility. This makes ITTIA DB SQL more suitable for embedded relational data storage in device applications. Using a memory allocator, DB SQL provides strict, documented memory usage guarantees. The amount of memory required for ITTIA DB to operate without failure depends on the requirements of the application, but this can now be calculated using guidelines provided by ITTIA. When the new internal memory allocator is enabled, DB only allocates from a fixed memory pool provided by the application. Furthermore, this allocator bounds memory fragmentation overhead, so that DB will never fail due to insufficient memory, if configured according to the allocation guidelines. The SQL Browser utility was also released alongside version 3.3. This graphical tool is used during prototyping, development, and quality assurance to quickly open and query DB SQL databases. No configuration is required to copy database files from a device and open them directly. It can also connect to devices running the DB SQL server. The full power of SQL queries can be used with any DB database file, even if SQL is not used on the device itself. Tables and query results can be exported with this utility, and binary large objects can be loaded and saved to files.

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