Jacobs Automation updates PackTrak conveyor

  • August 17, 2010

August 17, 2010 - Jacobs Automation released the 2nd Generation of PackTrak which features reduced cost track sections.Jacobs' recognizes the fact that economics and careful budgeting are integral to machine design. A typical PackTrak system simply doesn't need to have "intelligent" or integrated electronics throughout all track sections. There will be certain sections where a product is being re-circulated or "pushed" to the next station.It is for this reason that Jacobs created Fixed Pitch or "dumb" track sections. Fixed Pitch track sections are used to transport or re-circulate a mover along defined segments of a PackTrak system.With a significant cost advantage, Fixed Pitch track sections are driven with a rotary servo and belt mechanism. Feedback across the Fixed Pitch sections comes from the rotary servo drive.As a rule-of-thumb, when designing a PackTrak system that spans more than 1.5 meters, plan to use half of the track sections as Fixed Pitch or "dumb." In addition, the vast majority of curves or turns in a PackTrak system are of Fixed Pitch design.

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