Matrikon announces industry-specific data delivery devices

  • May 04, 2010
  • MatrikonOPC

May 4, 2010 - Matrikon announces their Industrial line of Intelligent Automation Data Gateways. These gateways combine assured data delivery, connectivity and secure access control in a simple, low-maintenance device.Reliable data delivery is a common challenge with geographically distributed assets. With today’s critical data applications and regulatory environments, a reliable data delivery system is essential. Operational excellence, performance monitoring and regulatory compliance all rely on critical production and equipment data. Even the most robust communication systems can have unexpected outages, which can result in lost data. Matrikon Industrial Gateways’ store-and-forward technology solves the challenge of lost data by buffering data when network outages occur and sending it when network connectivity is restored. It also provides data connectivity and assured data delivery in a single device.Matrikon Industrial Gateways are designed to meet industry-specific data delivery challenges:

  • Power and Utilities: Substation Automation Gateway (NERC-CIP ready)
  • Oil and Gas: Offshore Automation Gateway
  • Wind Power: Intelligent Wind Power Gateway
  • Building Automation: Building Automation Gateway
  • “Matrikon has embedded all of our years of expertise in industrial connectivity, network security and data delivery into a simple device. We are uniquely positioned to solve this unmet market need,” said Mustafa Al-mosawi, Matrikon Industrial Product Marketing Manager. About Matrikon Industrial (a division of Matrikon Inc.)Matrikon Industrial provides Intelligent Automation Data Gateways. Our gateways combine universal connectivity, secure access and unparalleled data delivery—direct from device to the enterprise—in a simple device. Our clients in oil and gas, power and utilities and many other industries rely on our trusted data delivery devices and count on our superior client care. Whether you are an industry leader, a mid-size enterprise or a single plant, our goal is to ensure that critical data—the key to operational excellence, safety and regulatory compliance—will always be there when you need it.

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